Yesterday I put together an extension plugin to add the concept of quantities to YEP – Extra Enemy Drops.

By default, each line of notetags that define drops allow for only a single item to be considered. This is basically the same as the standard RMMV UI, but it does allow for more drops and a considerably more robust and complicated conditional system that never existed in RMMV’s interface.

One thing that was not addressed in the base plugin was the ability to give multiple items on the same random chance. For example, if I kill a famous dual-wielding gunslinger and she drops her pistols on a 10% chance, I should get both. This isn’t possible with the base plugin. You could always give two separate gun drop notetags, but this would process their random separately, so you would not be guaranteed to get both.

Another thing that this extension adds is the ability to specify a gold drop chance and amount. Be warned though; this doesn’t necessarily play nice with plugins that alter the standard gold drops (e.g. YEP – Enemy Levels), as the gold drop is added to the enemy before those plugins pay out, so your mileage may vary.

Happy looting! (Wow, that sounds terrible.)

Download NeMV – Quantities

Quantities post on RM Forums (N/A)

Quantities entry on MV Plugins

NeMV on Github


This extension plugin adds the ability to specify a quantity of a particular item drop within YEP-EED’s standard notetags. This allows you to consolidate loot notes, as well as ensure blocks of items are actually delivered.

Before, if you were to have three notetags that all gave an item, unless each of the notetags for that item was at a 100% rate, you were not guaranteed to receive any number of them when one condition was met. I’ve illustrated this concept with the Daggers below. The two checks were ran independently, so you may have gotten one, both, or neither of the Daggers.

Now you can have both!


Simply add an asterisk and the amount of items you want to receive on a successful item roll or condition. Here are a couple of examples:

Before: <Item 123: 75%> After: <Item 123*4: 75%> Before: <Enemy Drops> Dagger: 10% Dagger: 10% Hat: 10% </Enemy Drops> After: <Enemy Drops> Dagger*2: 10% Hat: 10% </Enemy Drops>

Gold can also now be dropped via the drop commands by using the name “G”. Please note that the gold delivered is subject to other plugins’ gold modifications (e.g. YEP – Enemy Levels) and may not be the amount specified.

Before: [ NOT POSSIBLE ] After: <Drop G*50: 25%> <Conditional G*100 Drop> Always: +5% Turn >= 20: +20% </Conditional G*100 Drop>


First and foremost, please ensure that this plugin is located directly BENEATH YEP_ExtraEnemyDrops.js.

A quick word of caution about using this with YEP – Enemy Levels:
If you give gold as a drop (e.g. ) YEP-EL will wreak havoc on the total gain after variance and level modification. You have been warned.

Should this plugin not work for you for any reason, please notify me by creating a GitHub issue, emailing me at, or message me in any social convention you happen to see me in, but please do not harass Yanfly over it. Odds are if something is wrong, it is with this extension; not the base plugin.

Thanks, and happy looting! (Wow, that sounds terrible.)