A request from Cazziuz on the RMMV forums a couple of days ago caught my attention before bed. In it (s)he asks about an equipment system based on the point values of weapons and armor. To elaborate, if your actor has 10 points total to equip, and a chest-piece is worth 4 points, then after equipping a chest-piece, your actor would only be able to equip 6 more points worth of equipment total. So if a pair of boots is 2 points, a helmet is 3, a two-handed sword is 4, and a dagger is 2; your actor could either equip the dagger, helmet, and boots — or the two-hander, and boots with no helmet.

I thought this sounded like the perfect job for NeMV – Tags & YEP – Equip Requirements, and so I set off on my journey to create a tag-based equipment system that met their needs. What came out of it is an extremely flexible point-based equipment system that can be used for much more than just determining available equipment, as you can see in the Introduction below.

Happy equipping!

Download NeMV – Actor Equip Points

AEP post on RM Forums

AEP entry on MV Plugins

NeMV on Github


This plugin provides a point-based equipment system with the help of NeMV – Tags & YEP – Equip Requirements. It allows you to build an equipment monitoring system, where when equipping and unequipping weapons and armor to your actors, you can track that equipment based on tags. This can be used to build a point-based equipment system, determine an encumbrance for your actors, or even grant or deny skills, quests, event interactions, etc based on the points associated to an actor’s tagged equipment.


First, configure the respective equipment entries in the plugin’s parameters as the default plugin parameters illustrate.

Next, tag your equipment with the appropriate tags…

Weapon > Notebox > <tags: twohand, sword, demonic>

Armor > Notebox > <tags: shield, angelic, quest>

Now add an equipment limiting tag to your actors. You will set the inital maximum here, but this can be changed during the course of play via plugin commands and scripts.



Actor > Notebox > <Max Gear Points: 10>

Plugin Commands

AEP comes equipped with plugin commands for adding, removing, and manually setting Equip Point tags. The format for these commands is as follows.



aep add gear buckler 2
aep remove gear buckler
aep set holy symbol 1
aep add gear necklace

In the examples above, the first adds a new Gear-type entry with the tag “buckler”. The second removes the buckler from the Gear-type. This will not remove buckler from any other types that may be watching for it though. The third assumes that a Holy-type “symbol” tag is already setup, and sets sets its point value to 1 going forward. The fourth example creates a new Gear-type entry that defaults to a 0-point value.


Should this plugin not work for you for any reason, please notify me by creating a GitHub issue, emailing me at lance@nekoyoubi.com, or message me in any social convention you happen to see me in.

Thanks, and happy equipping!