I was reading up on Yanfly's Patreon posts earlier (I spend more time there than I should), and I saw a comment about whether or not you could also rename TP in RMMV per character. Obviously you can rename it for your whole game, but what if you want to use an "Energy" or "Rage" system per character? Nope. So I put this together. ;)

While, when I built this originally, I only had it replacing the TP (as I didn't really want to chance too much confusion with bars), I finally thought about the use case where people weren't using TP in their games at all, and MP would need to be replaced for non-magic-wielding characters. As such, while it's named "Class TP Rename", it allows for renaming of any of the bars (HP/MP/TP).

With this plugin, you can add one or more notetags to your classes that will replace their "HP", "MP", or "TP" text to whatever would be more appropriate for that class in particular.

I've also now added the ability to customize the various bar colors for each class. Why would your Rage be blue, anyway?

Happy renaming!

Download NeMV - Class TP Rename

CTPR post on RM Forums

CTPR entry on MV Plugins

NeMV on Github


This plugin allows you to rename and recolor HP/MP/TP displays in your game per class. Mages can now have an "Aether", Warriors a "Rage", and Faeries a "Dust" if you so choose!


Add a notetag to your classes that you would like to rename HP/MP/TP on using the following format. Notetags are case insensitive.

Class > Notebox > <HP/MP/TP Rename: NAME ABBRV>


<hp rename: Life ♥>
<MP Rename: Rage RG>
<TP RENAME: Surprise !!>

Bar colors can also be adjusted per class via a similar notetag using the following format. Notetags are case insensitive.



<hp recolor: #990909 #ff2121>
<MP Recolor: #b55010 #ff5000>
<TP RECOLOR: #080510 #6030bf>


Should this plugin not work for you for any reason, please notify me by creating a GitHub issue, emailing me at lance@nekoyoubi.com, or message me in any social convention you happen to see me in.

Thanks, and happy renaming!