I was lurking the RM forums a week or so ago and stumbled across a pretty cool request. In it, Servidion asks about more resource pools than the standard HP/MP/TP. At first, I thought they were asking for something like my recent Class TP Rename, but as I read further I found that they wanted something deeper.

They proposed a concept about "stacking states" which I found intriguing, but after looking into that concept I quickly decided against it. I did, however, come up with something that is very similar and allows for a lot of cool new concepts.

I used YEP - Buffs & States Core and YEP - Skill Core, and created a system where you can essentially have an unlimited amount of resource pools (though somewhat limited in screen-space). Pair that with something like YEP - Auto Passive States and you've got a class/subclass engine that extends beyond the confines of MP/TP.

I also added an option in the plugin's parameters that allows you to choose whether subclasses (via YEP - Subclass) will grant passive states (via YEP - Auto Passive States). This was a feature that was left out of the Subclass plugin for balance concerns, understandably. With this plugin, however, a subclass may grant abilities that require these states be handed down. Now you have the option.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and get far more out of it than you expect.

Happy stacking!

Download NeMV - State Resources

State Resources post on RM Forums

State Resources entry on MV Plugins

NeMV on Github


This plugin grants the ability to quantify states and use them as resources via YEP - Skill Core-friendly notetags.


Step 1

Designate your state to be used as a resource via the following notetag:


Below are a few of examples of valid State Resource notetags.

<Resource 0, 100, Rage>
<resource 10 20 Ammo>
<RESOURCE 100, 9999>

Note that the last example will attempt to only use the state's icon to show the resource cost.

The following notetags can also be used to adjust or set the resources upon starting or exiting a battle. Please note that these tags make use of positive string values (e.g. +10) for increasing the resource, negative values (e.g. -10) for decreasing them, and integers (e.g. 10) for setting the amount explicitly. Also, please be sure that these lines are placed below the initial/setup tag.

State > Notebox > <RESOURCE PHASE: [+/-]AMOUNT>

For example...

<Resource BattleStart: 100>
<resource battlestart: +10>
<resource battleend: -10>

In the first example all party members will have their resource set to 100. In the second, the resource will be zeroed out for all party members on the completion of battle. The third example will add 10 to whatever amount (while still being capped to the defined maximum) each individual party member has at the start of a new battle. The last example will force the party members to each lose 10 of the resource (while not falling below zero).

Step 2

Add "SR" costs to your Skills with notetags similar to those found in YEP - Skill Core (albeit slightly modified for our case).

Skill > Notebox > <SR STATEID COST: AMOUNT[%]>

The following examples illustrate a couple of valid Skill notetag uses.

<SR 19 Cost: 5>
<sr 22 cost: 10%>

Step 3

Use the following script commands to retrieve or adjust your current and maximum values of a resource (plugin commands may be added in a future version if wanted/needed).

[Actor|Enemy].getSR(state) // Gets the actor's current resource value
[Actor|Enemy].setSR(state, amount) // Sets the actor's current resource value
[Actor|Enemy].getMaxSR(state) // Gets the actor's max resource value
[Actor|Enemy].setMaxSR(state, amount) // Gets the actor's max resource value
[Actor|Enemy].adjustSR(state, amount) // Adjusts the actor's current resource

Note that the .adjustSR() method's amount can be either positive for adding to the current value (e.g. 10; not +10) or negative to remove from the pool (e.g. -10). This will also constrain the value to a range between zero and the resource's maximum for that actor.


Should this plugin not work for you for any reason, please notify me by creating a GitHub issue, emailing me at lance@nekoyoubi.com, or message me in any social convention you happen to see me in.

Thanks, and happy stacking.