We had a visitor in Discord yesterday: Goldshcuss. Nice guy. Lots of ideas. Anyway, he pointed me to what I see as a pretty big deficit in communicating to players dynamically.

In battle, when using a skill or item you pretty much always see the same thing in the battle log. After you’ve used an ability, you already know what it’s going to say. That’s because of the way RMMV has you setup the messages that are shown to the user. They’re static. Kinda’ boring if you ask me… not that you did.

The particular use case that he had was one that actually serves an important role in conveying information to the player. I mean, here I was thinking about replacing ” attacks!” with random ” boops.”, ” thwacks!”, and ” swings wildly!”. On the other hand, he was trying to build field-effects and wanted to actually communicate to the player that their current action was buffed by a state. I know, right? Don’t I feel petty.

A few lines of code later, here you go.

Happy messaging!

Download NeMV – Battle Action Messages

BAM post on RM Forums

BAM entry on MV Plugins

NeMV on Github


This plugin allows your skill and item messages to be customized in the moment by writing JavaScript eval() code in the item or skill’s notebox.


Add custom messages to your skills and items via the following notetag:

Skill/Item > Notebox > <BAM EVAL>m1="Line 1"; m2="Line 2";</BAM EVAL>

The “m1” and “m2” variables correspond to the message line as they are normally specified in RMMV on skills and items. Note that “subject”, “user”, and “a” all refer to the actor using the skill or item, and “item” and “skill” both refer to the item or skill being used.

Here are a couple of examples…

<bam eval>
var rando = [" attacks!", " swings wide!", " lunges!"];
m1 = rando[Math.floor(rando.length*Math.random())];
</bam eval>

<bam eval>
if (user.isStateAffected(200))
m2 = "("+skill.name+" is super-charged with Rainbow Power!)";
</bam eval>


Should this plugin not work for you for any reason, please notify me by creating a GitHub issue, emailing me at lance@nekoyoubi.com, or message me in any social convention you happen to see me in.

Thanks, and happy messaging!