We have a lot of micro-memes, coined phrases, inside- or reference jokes, and multi-game jargon, and occasionally it gets difficult to wade through the mucky-muck. Per James’s suggestion, I’ve put this page together in the deepest hopes that you’ll learn how to not take offense to a reference or the like. Ejukayt joseph. ;)

Word Definition Examples
BERB Elaborated “BRB”. Used to indicate your upcoming lack of presence. “Heading to the store, guys. Berb.”
“I think he berb’d, but I’m not sure.”
BLACK An expression to indicate your arrival from a previous lack of presence. (after an absence in voice chat) “Black!”
“Sorry about that, guys. I had to run to the store, but I’m black now.”
JESSIE Either or both of the Hadley twins, Justin and James. (after a twin speaks) “Whatever, Jessie, you weren’t even there.”
“Think Jessie’ll be on later?” (non-exclusive plural)
LITERALLY NOTHING A general complaint about something not amounting to expectation. “New Dota patch today.” “Ooh, what is it?” “Literally nothing.”
“What’s your rank after that match?” “Literally nothing.”
NOYUO! An intentional misspelling and mispronunciation of “no you!” Best used in contextually inappropriate but syntactically correct instances. “I love you.” “NOYUO!”
“Hey, asshat, get out of my tank!” “NOYUO!”
PROK An intentional misspelling and mispronunciation of “pork”. “Guess what I’m having for dinner. Prok-chop sandwiches! Bau-ba-ba-ba-bau-bau!
RANDO(S)/RANDY/RANDIES A random player or players in a game, not affiliated to Stitch Gaming. Not meant offensive. “So this rando comes up to me and gives me all his money.”
“Just chillin’ with a rando-squad in PS2 at the moment.”
“What are all these randies doing?”
RENDER(S) Graphics that have been artistically rendered. “I finished my Witch Doctor render.”
“Want me to render that Olmec screenshot you got?”
TECNO Any form of music that is most assuredly not techno. (Josh cues while working on a jazz piece) “Fuck yeah, techno!”
TEMA2 A typical team/guild/group/squad/clan name of Stitch members. Originally derived from a baked-in typo in the game War, Inc. “I just opened a new squad. Just look for TEMA2.”