PlanetSide 2

If you want to come play PlanetSide 2 with us, we can be found on the Terran Republic faction of the Emerald (US East) server. We go by TEMA2 there and are open to randos as an outfit, but we ask (as always) that if you’d like to join us, please come hang out with us in TeamSpeak, as it is seriously at the core of our group.

As for what we are about; really the same thing Stitch is about in any game that we play:

  • Respect – We don’t intentionally fuck up objectives or orders, troll voice channels, teamkill for fun, or argue in [COMMAND]. These things are obnoxious, petty, and unbecoming to the Stitch Gaming namesake. If you catch anyone in TEMA2 violating this simple directive, please contact Mgmt directly, and let us know what happened.
  • Casual – We play to have fun, and so should you. If you see an open squad from us, join it and come hang out. We don’t attempt to be the “best” in any category of the game (armor, air, ghost, etc.), so feel free to tag along anytime you see us. We respond to alerts, sure. We ghost cap on ocaasion too. Sometimes we just like running around in Harassers with thermal Halberds putting down rebels. We’re casual, so we have the freedom to play how we want in the moment.
  • Wisdom – We aren’t the biggest or “best” outfit in the game, but we work hard to always improve both our skill in- and knowledge of the game. Whenever we can impart that wisdom to another player, regardless of involvement with the outfit, we make our best effort to help the community at large.

Come join us! Our outfit is listed. ;)

Terran Republic MAX Unit - TEMA2